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Comentis delivers a digital assessment tool to identify and support vulnerable customers or service users

In a world where vulnerability is on the increase, the ability to identify those who are deemed vulnerable is becoming paramount for all types of regulated organisations.


Whether it's due to cognitive decline, changing  circumstances or a lack of mental capacity, we understand that being able to identify and support affected individuals represents a growing issue, driven by a number of factors:


  • Increased regulatory focus on financially vulnerable customers or those lacking mental capacity

  • Alignment to ESG and impact objectives

  • Corporate risk mitigation

  • Increased consumer awareness

To help organisations meet this challenge, Comentis provides a cost effective and efficient online assessment tool, allowing you to proactively identify and support those at risk of financial vulnerability or with reduced mental capacity and consistently and objectively report this at the touch of a button.

A unique approach to a growing issue 

By bringing together extensive clinical and digital expertise, Comentis uses a 3-step process to help organisations proactively identify and support vulnerable customers or service users and produce comprehensive reports.

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We do this through an easy-to-use online questionnaire, available via WebApp, HTML widget or API, that can be integrated into existing customer workflows, client journeys or care pathways. 


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