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Fast, consistent and reliable duty of care assessments

Helping organisations identify and support the vulnerable

Comentis delivers a digital assessment platform to identify and support vulnerable customers, clients or patients

In a world where duty of care for your customers, clients or patients is increasingly important, the ability to identify and support those who are deemed vulnerable is paramount for all types of regulated organisations.


Whether it's due to cognitive decline, changing financial or personal circumstances or a lack of mental capacity, we understand that being able to identify and support affected individuals represents a growing issue, driven by a number of factors:


  • Increased regulatory focus on financially vulnerable customers or those lacking mental capacity

  • Alignment to ESG and impact objectives

  • Corporate risk mitigation

  • Increased consumer awareness

To help organisations meet this challenge, Comentis provides a cost effective and efficient online assessment platform which enables you to consistently and objectively identify and support those at risk of financial vulnerability or with reduced mental capacity and report on this quickly and easily.

A unique approach to a growing issue 

By bringing together extensive clinical and digital expertise, Comentis uses a 3-step process to help organisations proactively identify and support their customers, clients or patients and produce comprehensive reports.​


Our quick and easy-to-use online assessments guide the user through a series of clinically curated questions which consistently and objectively flag those who are financially vulnerable and/or lack mental capacity.

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Our assessments offer suggestions to help the professional support the individual during a capacity assessment or once a vulnerability has been identified. It also logs the actions taken and support given.


At the click of a button, an ID-stamped report is generated which helps meet regulatory obligations. Where appropriate, there is also a full MI, dashboard and analytics suite to ensure a robust audit trail.

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​We do this through an easy-to-use online questionnaire, available via WebApp, HTML widget or API, that can be integrated into existing customer workflows, client journeys or care pathways. 

Saves Time

Quick and non-intrusive assessment with no interference to the sales journey, advice process or care pathway


Overcomes user subjectivity with a clinically defined process for vulnerability/capacity identification

Full Visibility

Comprehensive customer, client or patient reports, plus MI, management dashboard and analytics


Curated from years of clinical expertise, overcoming user lack of experience or confidence

Risk Mitigation

Robust audit trails and peace of mind that you're complying with the regulators requirements

Financial Services

With the FCA's growing focus on the identification and support of financially vulnerable customers, it's imperative that financial services organisations are able to identify those customers who are potentially at-risk.

Our range of Financial Vulnerability Assessments enable firms to effectively identify financially vulnerable customers or clients.

Health & Social Care

It's estimated that there are c.2 million people in the UK that lack the capacity to make a specific decision at any one time. A lack of capacity doesn't mean a decision can't be made but a failure to identify it could result in serious consequences.​Our range of Mental Capacity Assessments ensure practitioners can quicky and easily identify concerns relating to mental capacity and help support the patient.

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