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Automotive Finance

Supporting the automotive finance sector with their vulnerable customers

Since the introduction of the FCA’s Consumer Duty regulations in August 2023, all regulated firms must treat their vulnerable customers fairly and ensure good outcomes.

Comentis provides an easy-to-use digital assessment which enables car dealerships, brokers and lenders to consistently and objectively identify and support customers who are at-risk of financial vulnerability, and thereby meet Consumer Duty requirements.

By combining clinical and technical expertise, our quick and non-intrusive digital assessment guides users through a short series of questions which identifies any vulnerabilities and provides guidance on how best to support those at-risk, with minimal impact on the sales journey.

Watch how it works

  • An easy to complete Automotive Vulnerability Assessment taking your customers less than 90 seconds to complete.​

  • A highly cost effective solution that can be easily deployed across multiple locations.​

  • Systematic and consistent approach to identifying vulnerability, supporting both you and your sales team to achieve good customer outcomes.​

  • Proven to work in a car dealership setting, with no impact on sales and conversions.

  • Comprehensive reporting to make reporting to the FCA quick and easy.

Flexible Integration

With multiple integration options available via WebApp, HTML widget and API, our assessments can be discretely integrated into existing processes and undertaken by staff or directly by customers themselves.

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Find the right plan to suit your business

All plans include:

  • PAYG  - no monthly subscription

  • Only pay for the number of assessments you need

  • Unlimited licences for all staff

  • CRM integration*

  • Email assessments

  • FV policy integration

  • Standard reporting and dashboard

  • Access to resources centre

*Additional fees may apply

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"Comentis’ combination of cutting-edge technology, developed with clinical knowledge, is invaluable in ensuring all at-risk customers are identified and supported correctly."

John Honeywood - Group Financial Controller

T C Harrison Group Ltd

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