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Comentis provides organisations with a range of risk-specific cognitive assessments that allow you to quickly flag any vulnerabilities, with minimal impact on customer journeys, care pathways or staff workload.


Our Financial Vulnerability Assessments allow Financial Services firms and Consumer Finance Lenders and Brokers to meet their regulatory obligations to identify customers who are at risk of financial vulnerability.


Our Mental Capacity Assessments ensure Care Providers meet regulatory requirements by checking that patients have the necessary understanding and ability to make specific capacity decisions.

The Assessments

Each assessment consists of a small number of self-rating questions plus our proprietary scoring algorithms; each specifically designed to identify a certain risk factor (or set of factors).

Where there is a regulatory requirement to an assessment, we also ensure we abide with the latest guidelines and in many cases our methodology has been tested in the courts.


The 'in-real-time' results provide a detailed output as well as a report outlining suggested next steps aligned to your organisations policies, ensuring you receive an accurate, auditable and evidenced based outcome.

Created by the best in their fields

Each of our assessments are developed by our in-house team of psychologists and mental health assessment specialists. 

Within our clinical team, we include a highly-acclaimed leading expert in the field of mental capacity assessment who is a multi-award winning author and an early member of the leadership team for the National Mental Capacity Forum; plus the Chair of the European Board of Assessment; and also those with extensive knowledge and experience in the NHS and Social Care sectors.

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What are Cognitive Assessments?

Cognitive assessments are a series of questions or tasks that assess a person's ability to carry out certain functions or make certain decisions.


They may explore things such as an individual's judgement, language, resilience and capability as well as how they think or their ability to learn and apply knowledge.

Our many years of experience of running face to face assessments, combined with tech-led innovation, has enabled us to create a highly reliable online solution. 

December 2022

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December 2023

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