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Leading the way with mental capacity assessment for care providers

Comentis uniquely provides an easy-to-use online mental capacity assessment which ensures care providers can consistently and objectively identify if a service user is at risk of reduced mental capacity and provide assurance that they have the required level of understanding, retention and evaluative skills for the decision at hand.

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Our aim is to relieve pressure on staff and overcome lack of staff confidence in assessing mental capacity

Each assessment can be discretely integrated into your existing processes and provides an immediate, person-centred assessment of capacity. All assessments are fully compliant with the relevant legislative requirements and gives care providers an opportunity to standardise the quality of their mental capacity assessments, ensuring consistency across staff members. A full, contemporaneous report is provided on completion of the assessment, allowing for easy internal and external auditing.  

We have developed a growing number of decision specific mental capacity assessments, covering care and clinical needs including consent to taking medication and consent to use of equipment.  

Why Use Our Assessment Tool?

Proven assessment methodology with the threshold of understanding defined for the care provider

Fully compliant report with all necessary evidence to meet requirements of the Mental Capacity Act (2005)

Provides a clear audit trail for management with the report being automatically time, date and ID-stamped

Time-saving, alleviates staff pressure and overcomes lack of staff confidence

Assessments can be paused or repeated to allow for service user's fluctuating capacity

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"By bringing in Comentis’ expertise and innovative solution, we’re proud to be offering providers the best tools for the job."

Andrew Coles - CPO

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