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Consumer Finance

Supporting the consumer finance sector with their vulnerable customers

There’s growing pressure from the FCA for any retail consumer creditor offering a finance plan - whether the purchase is big or small - to ensure they can identify each and every instance of vulnerability and ensure ‘good outcomes’ for the customer.

For a customer buying a pair of glasses through to buying a car or home improvements, all finance brokers and lenders now need to comply with the Consumer Duty requirements.

To address this, we've combined clinical and technical expertise to create a digital ‘Duty of Care Assessment’ to identify vulnerable customers and provide tips and advice on how best to support them as they go through the sales process, whether it be

in-store, in-home or online.

Watch how it works

Our clinically-developed Duty of Care Assessment enables staff to consistently and objectively identify individuals who are at risk of vulnerability and the nature of the risk. Suggested supportive actions are given and any interventions and outcomes can be recorded in a timely and effective manner.​

  • Easy-to-use online assessment with a 98% completion rate

  • On average, each assessment takes less than 90 seconds to complete

  • Non-intrusive with no interference to the sales journey

  • Comprehensive customer report being generated at the touch of a button

  • Full analytics suite ensures full visibility

  • Provides cast iron audit trail

  • Integration into any back office or compliance software

Flexible Integration

With multiple integration options available via WebApp, HTML widget and API, our assessments can be discretely integrated into existing processes and undertaken by staff or directly by customers themselves.

In Store
At Home
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Find the right plan to suit your business

All plans include:​​

  • PAYG  - no monthly subscription

  • Only pay for the number of assessments you need

  • Unlimited licences for all staff

  • CRM integration*

  • Email assessments

  • FV policy integration

  • Standard reporting and dashboard

  • Access to resources centre

*Additional fees may apply

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"Comentis' Vulnerability Assessment is easy to understand and the ease of the implementation has helped us to maintain a smooth customer journey from start to finish and therefore not
impact our service."

Jonathan Evetts - Operations Director

Phoenix Financial Consultants

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