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About Us

As a team we have always been passionate about using innovation and technology to identify and protect the vulnerable and those at risk.

In 2018, one of our Co founders began to apply his clinical expertise to the problem of how to assess financial vulnerability and mental capacity in an increasingly on-line world where there is often no direct contact with the end user. Along the way he teamed up with other experts in a wide range of fields and the end result of this was the development of a Cognitive Assessment Engine and the birth of Comentis.

We believe our diversity is what makes us great. Utilising our complimentary skills and expertise we have created an affordable and easy to deploy, evidence based technology solution that enables organisations identify people who are at risk and support them appropriately.

If you share our passion for utilising technology and innovation to protect those at risk and want to know more about what we do get in touch.

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Our Mission

To ensure a duty of care for those who would otherwise go unidentified and undetected, through the use of inclusive technology.

Our Team

Bringing together clinical and technical expertise to support those at risk

Jonathan has over 22 years experience in bringing new digital solutions to the financial services market and has worked at both large multinational corporates as well as small high growth fintech businesses. He has authored papers on the value of financial advice as well as a white paper on the use of technology and digital channels amongst the post retirement generation. He has also been a speaker and panel attendee at a number of conferences on the use of technology and Artificial Intelligence to help engage consumers in improving their financial wellbeing.

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Jonathan Barrett

CEO and Co founder

Dane is an experienced product leader who specialises in leveraging technology to address business challenges through seamless customer experience. The foundations of his career were built in the legal compliance & publishing sector for LexisNexis before switching to the FinTech stream where he delivered Financial Services & SaaS platform solutions for Tier 1 Financial Services Providers such as HSBC, L&G & NatWest in a scaleable, outcome-focussed manner.

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Dane Taylor

Product Director and Co founder

Beth is a registered Social Worker. Within her time of working in hospital discharge and adult social care teams, she found her passion for mental capacity and then joined TSF Consultants. Here she was able to apply and hone her knowledge and skills in assessing mental capacity and specialise in the legal and financial sector. As Quality Monitoring Team Leader, she was responsible for driving procedure change and establish TSF’s gold standard of assessment. She provided in house training to assessors and has directly supported assessors to conduct over 500 mental capacity assessments.

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Beth Yolland Jones

Clinical Expert

Adrian is an experienced Software Engineer with over 20 years experience developing software for web and mobile application. He has worked in various different industries such as Financial, pharmaceutical, marketing and non-profit and lead small teams of developers in both start-up and SME businesses.

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Adrian Allen

Software Developer

Davina is our resident expert on the platform and is on call to support our users on questions they have on how to use our platform or how best to deploy into their processes

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Davina Registe

Client Support

Tim is a clinical expert with over 25 years’ experience of working with people with reduced capacity, cognition and mental health. A multi-award-winning author and expert witness specialising in the assessment of mental capacity and financial vulnerability, he has also worked as a consultant with number of large financial institutions to help them identify and support their vulnerable customers. As well as being a keynote speaker at industry events, Tim regularly presents at various conferences such as the International Congress on Adult Capacity. He was one of the early members of the leadership team for the National Mental Capacity Forum, and is also a subject matter expert for the Vulnerability Task Force and an active member of various industry vulnerability working groups, such as APCC and TISA. He regularly delivers training to legal, health and financial professionals in relation to the assessment of mental capacity and financial vulnerability.

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Tim Farmer

Clinical Director and Co founder

Richard has over 30 years of retail financial services as a practitioner, trade association leader and consultant. He is passionate about achieving good outcomes for all stakeholders; Shareholders, employees, regulators and ultimately customers or service users. His network extends to key financial services stakeholders including politicians, policy makers, regulators, and the ombudsman. Richard is a regular industry commentator contributing articles on advice, compliance, and general good business practice. He is the chair of the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants (APCC) Vulnerability Working Group as well as their Operation Steering Group, and former chair of the Investment & Life Assurance Group (ILAG) Regulation Practitioner Group. He is CEO of his own consulting firm and Non Executive Director of a regulated Investment and Lending platform.

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Richard Farr

Non Executive Director

Jac has over 25 years’ marketing and communications experience having worked both client side and agency across healthcare, financial services, utilities, charities and retail. As a former Account Director, her key strength is client liaison and relationship building. Previously Jac worked at TSF Consultants with Tim, where she implemented and managed a successful webinar training programme aimed at financial, healthcare and legal professionals. Jac has joined Comentis to continue this work and to manage the growing number of training sessions we provide, with her primary focus being on the growing number of NHS health care trusts we support with mental capacity training.


Jacqueline Caldwell

Marketing and Training

With over two decades in web development, Dan has mastered both front-end and back-end technologies, creating innovative solutions for high-traffic websites. Recently, Dan has ventured into Artificial Intelligence, focusing on machine learning and natural language processing to elevate web experiences. Known for his commitment to continuous learning, Dan strives to exceed user expectations with every project.

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Dan Ives


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