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Supporting threesixty to ensure a duty of care to its clients

Comentis' ground-breaking software allows regulated businesses to consistently and objectively identify and support clients in financially vulnerable circumstances. 

With so much focus from the FCA, from the Consumer Duty to the Guidance on the Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Customers, it is imperative firms are able to identify, report on and support their vulnerable clients.


As their compliance partners, this adds a extra level of complexity and work for you, especially if firms do not have a consistent and objective process.​

Our clinically-backed assessments provide a simple and cost effective solution.can be easily included into current advice/servicing processes ensuring your client's meet the FCA's guidelines by having robust processes in place to identify and support vulnerable clients.

What's more, as their compliance provider, you will have access to our platform and reporting suite for your clients.

Our Financial Vulnerability Assessment allows firms to:

  • Consistently and objectively identify potentially financially vulnerable clients

  • Produce a comprehensive report on potential financial vulnerabilities

  • Simply log any interventions and outcomes

  • Produce fully audited Financial Vulnerability report on client base, supporting FCA reporting

  • Minimise the risk of not identifying vulnerable clients

To find out more about how our Assessment can support your business, please do not hesitate to contact the team.

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