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Three Ways to Deploy our Assessments

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that our customers are able to deploy our assessments seamlessly into their existing customer journeys, we are pleased to announce that there are now 3 ways to for you to use the assessments:

1. The Comentis webapp (web application) is a software application that is accessed through any internet browser (such as Google Chrome or Safari) on any device with an internet connection. The Comentis web app can be used to add clients, manage users & run financial vulnerability assessments through our user interface. In other words, this is the off-the-shelf option for anyone who wants to assess financial vulnerability and does not need or want bespoke integration or with limited development expertise in-house. This includes pre-built integrations with a number of leading CRMs in the Financial Services sector.

2. The Comentis JavaScript widget is a small piece of code that can be embedded into a website or web application that you own. This is the halfway point between our off the shelf WebApp & a custom API build. The widget allows you to add assessment functionality to your website or web application without having to write any code yourself - you can copy & paste the code into your own website and it will create a secure link to Comentis’ interface for the user to complete the assessment.

3. Using our API (Application Programming Interface), you can access a set of protocols and tools that you can use to integrate the financial vulnerability assessment into your own software application. To access our financial vulnerability assessment using an API, you will need to have programming knowledge and experience but with development expertise, you can deeply embed the assessments into your customer journey and even answer the assessment programmatically if you already have some or all of the data points we require to complete the assessment.

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